About Us

Mindfulness Power Solutions was designed by licensed, practicing psychologists and social workers who have extensive experience teaching mindfulness practice and cognitive behavioral strategies. Our MPS trainers have helped high achieving individuals maintain elevated levels of success, decrease and manage stress, and reduce burnout that often results from working in high-pressure environments. Our trainers have helped individuals who work in a variety of professions including: financial services, law, computer startups, education, and medicine.

Our Vision

Mindfulness Power Solutions (MPS) is an individually tailored mindfulness training program designed with the modern-day professional in mind. While there are many mindfulness programs flooding the industry, MPS is unique in that it combines Core Mindfulness Skills with Cognitive Behavioral Strategies. The Core Mindfulness Skills are based on John Kabat Zinn’s empirically validated MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program for chronic stress and pain; with empirically proven Cognitive Behavioral strategies designed to increase emotion regulation, effective communication, overall health and wellness, and ability to tolerate, and even thrive during high levels of stress.

Latest News

MPS comes to BBR, Partners in NYC!

Our Mindfulness Trainers were excited to bring our corporate training workshop to BBR Partners, a  wealth management firm this past week. The workshop was a lively combination of mindfulness practices, …